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how to take better photos

MOMS with DSLR Cameras

Learn How To Confidently Take Beautiful Photos of Your Kids

So That You Can Finally Start Capturing All Those Important Memories and Milestones The Way You Imagined

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You Want Beautiful Photos of Your Kids


You spend too much time fiddling with all the settings that your kids have already moved on to something else and you missed the moment.

Or perhaps you have already given up and tucked your camera away in the closet.


Investing months or even years into trying to teach yourself by watching YouTube videos, reading blog posts, and following photographers on Instagram, and still not being happy with your photos is the worst feeling in the world…

Did you invest hours only to be sucked down a rabbit hole on YouTube...But yet you don't see any improvement in your photos and end up more confused then when you started

Or worse yet, have you become so overwhelmed that you've already given up?

You want to capture beautiful photos of your kids so...

    You Bought A DSLR Camera with Hopes to Take Professional Quality Photos of Your Kids

  • 👉 BUT...you quickly realized it wasn't as simple as just getting a better camera

    That's Why You Started Watching Every Tutorial Video That You Could Find

  • 👉 BUT...this left lots of gaps and six hours later, how many videos have you watched?

    You May Have Even Given Up and Tucked Your Camera Away in the Closet

  • 👉 BUT...you keep thinking about it wondering how much better your photos could be if you only knew how to use it

I Was Stuck...

Until I Figured Out The Secret To Creating The Photos I Had In My Head!



  • Access over 90 minutes (and counting) of videos on the topic of light including an introduction to using a flash

  • Discover why light is the most important part of photography

  • Understand how to find and use the most flattering light to take gorgeous portraits

  • Explore how to take photos that have that sparkle in the eye also known as catchlights


  • Access over 24 short videos (5-10 minutes in length) to start confidently shooting in manual mode

  • See what you are capable of with the camera and lenses you already own (and know when to upgrade)

  • Learn the secrets to getting your photos right in camera

  • Impress your friends and family with your photos


  • Access over 18 short videos (5-10 minutes in length) guiding you through Lightroom Classic (or use the same tools on the free Lightroom app)

  • See exactly how a professional would edit your photos

  • Access to my mobile presets to help speed up your editing 

  • I’ll be honest with you…

    Getting to this point wasn’t easy…

    When I became a mom, I used my phone to take pictures like every other second of my little guy. I didn't want to miss documenting one moment!

    newborn sleeping

    I have always loved photography but there was something about becoming a mother that accelerated my passion for it. Photos were becoming increasingly more important to me as I realized how fast time was going. I especially wanted to get good photos of my parents and grandma with my little baby. I knew these would be cherished forever!


    grandmother holding baby
    great-grandmother holding baby
    grandfather holding baby

    However, I wasn't satisfied with the quality of these photos. They just felt blah! I couldn't put my finger on what was "wrong" with them. I just wanted better photos without the expensive price tag of hiring a photographer every time I wanted to capture something important.

    So I purchased a DSLR camera!

    To my surprise, it actually made things much worse! The camera had so many buttons and my photos looked no different and sometimes even worse then on my phone.

    dark and blurry photo of baby
    dark photo of baby

    So I tried…

    Reading the manual (but that was like reading a foreign language)

    Watching every tutorial video under the sun to try to figure it all out (but that just lead me down a rabbit hole of endless videos and wasting a lot of time; progress was little to none)

    Joining photography facebook groups (but people were not always very kind and I felt too insecure to ask questions)

    Tucking the fancy camera away in the closet and going back to using my phone (but I still wasn't satisfied with my photos)

    Then I had baby #2 and I was more determined than ever to learn how use my camera. 

    birth photo

    And that's when it hit me!

    If I want to stop missing the moments, I needed to invest in myself.

    I was so engrossed in being a mom that I had stopped doing things for myself and quite frankly didn't want to spend any money on myself. For some reason I felt guilty.

    BUT when I started focusing on things that would move the needle:

    ✅Picking up my camera with intention to practice a specific skill (instead of just watching video after video with no clue what to do and never implementing anything)

    ✅Getting feedback and support from someone who was ahead of me on the journey (instead of just staring at a photo wondering what went wrong)

    ✅Becoming part of a community that supported me while challenging me to keep growing (instead of trying to do it on my own or searching for validation in the wrong Facebook groups)

    ✅Putting myself out there and practicing every opportunity I could (instead of being scared to take my camera out and being frustrated that it didn't turn out the way I imagined)

    The Best Thing??

    Now I can capture ordinary moments as they unfolded whenever I want with ease and confidence

    boy eating a marshmellow
    brothers smiling at each other

    These simple actions literally changed my life! I am now a professional photographer and get to stay at home with my kids while I pursue my passion. I've grown a successful photography business with raving clients, been published in several magazines, and I get to help moms like you find community while continuing to grow in your photography journey.

    I continue to grow and learn each and every time I pick up my camera. I want to instill this passion and creativity in you as well! I know you can do it just like I did (but hopefully a lot faster)!

    cover artist badge for Shutter Up Magazine
    Faithful Grace magazine creative feature
    The Photograp[her] Magazine Cover artist 2022
    Chasing Light Published Photographer 2022

    Keep Googling™ or...


    Become a Moms Behind the Lens ENTHUSIAST Member

      Finally take professional quality photos, get live support and feedback along the way, watch a professional photographer edit your photos, and always have something new and exciting to learn all for only $27/month!

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    • Submit photos for monthly critiques

    • Join weekly live group coaching calls covering everything from getting creative to the technical camera skills, and editing

    • Access new trainings each month

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    • ​Over 45 bite-sized video tutorials for the busy mom

    This Is Like...

    ...Like Hiring A Photography Mentor To Help You



    There Is More

    If you join today, you'll also get:

    A Member's Only Support Group with Live Trainings

  • Never get in a creative rut again - Access monthly live trainings and projects to continue learning and growing (and access all previous trainings).

  • Never feel alone on the journey - Get ongoing support and answers to all your questions around using your camera, shooting in manual, and editing in our members only Facebook group.

  • Be inspired and motivated - Connect with like-minded moms (and grandmas) that are on the same journey of capturing their own family memories.

  • Camera Guides & Checklists

  • Quick Reference Guides to accompany lessons

  • 29 Page Note Guide to complete during video lessons

  • 4 Step Process to Shooting in Manual Mode

  • Maximizing Bokeh Guide

  • Composition Guidebook

  • Focus Troubleshooting Guide

  • Prompting Cards for authentic photos

  • Buying a New Camera Guide

  • Before You Take The Photo Checklist

  • Editing Support

  • Monthly editing sessions - in addition to the live editing session, we set aside an hour each month where we all work on editing our own photos while being able to stop and ask questions along the way

  • Speed Up Your Editing with my workflow process for culling and batch editing

  • Access to My Mobile Presets

  • Feedback on your edits

  • Opportunities to Profit From Your Passion

  • Find out if you are ready to start a photography business

  • Discover multiple avenues to create a profit with your hobby (coming soon!)


    Become A Moms Behind the Lens Enthusiast Member

    Finally take professional quality photos while receiving live support and feedback along the way, watch a professional photographer edit your photos, and always have something new and exciting to learn all for only $27/month!

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    You Might Be Wondering:

    • I am new to photography and just getting started. Will this still work for me?

    • This is absolutely the best place to start! You will be saving yourself so much time! Starting with phase 1 and conquering your camera is the perfect place to start as a beginner even if you just bought your camera yesterday.

    • I've been taking photos for a while. Will I still find value?

    • Yes, some members are just getting started but others have been doing this for years and already shooting in manual mode. If you are looking for a way to continue to grow with your photography and editing, this membership is perfect for you! We focus on new content each month to keep you learning and growing. Plus, you have access to all previous trainings.

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